Sunday, January 7, 2018

'Flight' from PaulS: Airborne Away!

When the details first came up about the bonus round themes, my mind turned to anything with wings... as I'm sure everyone else did. With only a couple of options in my painting queue, eyes turned to other related subjects that were already built and awaiting a coat of paint. Then it hit me. Last year I put together a very small US Airborne force for use in Achtung! Cthluhu... Airborne infantry need to fly to reach their goal, so Bingo!

This force is designed to go up against the sinister machinations of Germany's Nachtwolf, with their mythos fuelled powers.

"The horror was all over the squad. Tentacles everywhere, flesh and bone flying. We thought we were done. Backed in to a corner, we made our peace. Then, the air was ripped apart by gunfire. Chunks of blubber rained down, as through the mist of smoke and blood, strode the Sarge. As we watched, he ground a twitching tendril into the ground with the heel of his boot and calmly lit a cigar."

Leading the way is Sergeant Carter and a team of Pathfinder Demonhunters

Supporting these are a squad of US Airborne infantry with a selection of BAR, SMGs and a machinegun team

The initial 4 figures are Modiphius' Achtung! Cthulhu metal characters. The infantry squad (12 figures) are all Warlord plastics, so you can see they scale really nicely with each other. Carter is a little larger, but he *is* a larger than life superhero type... so that sort of fits. So that is 16 28mm figures that hopefully fit the theme enough for Curt ;)

That should be 60 points for the figures, plus the 50 points for the bonus round.


  1. Not seen these before. You've painted them up a treat Paul!

  2. Great squad of paranormal paratroopers, Paul, well done!

  3. Very cool set of minis Paul (though the guy with the Thompson and axe looks like he's dancing in a Broadway musical).

  4. Great work, Paul, they look really nice

  5. Grand weird war paras, Paul! That is nice to see how they rank up to warlord too!
    Nice fatigue shade too!