Sunday, January 7, 2018

'Flight' from StephenS: An Argument of Witches

Shakespeare had his famous three witches from Macbeth chanting 'double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn and cauldron bubble...' as they met to work their magic. These particular witches that I've painted are more likely to disagree about whose turn it was to bring the cake than to worry about the 'whole eye of newt and toe of frog' thing.

These witches flying along on their broomsticks are some of my favourite characters from Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels. In this world, the collective noun for witches is not a 'coven' but an 'argument' of witches. Rarely doing any real magic, these witches prefer to use common sense, hard work and 'headology' to solve their problems and kick ass. While not your typical evil witch, these witches are certainly considered monstrous by the various nefarious souls they run into...

Granny Weatherwax
Nanny Ogg 
Magrat Garlick

The miniatures are 28 mm sculpts from Micro Art Studio and were painted up as a gift for my lovely wife, who loves the books and these characters in particular. They came with the scenic bases they're on. I used a variety of 'recipes' for painting the black cloaks to try and give each a little more character, which show with mixed success in the photos...




  1. Great looking figures, so full of character.

  2. Great stuff, I love the Nanny Ogg.

  3. Absolutely smashing work Stephen. The witches are my favourite Discworld characters and you've done them proud.

  4. Lovely finish on some really characterful figures!
    Best Iain

  5. Those figures are very cool! They make you grin looking at them.


  6. Brilliant work, Steve. I love the striped pantaloons on the one hitting turbulence. :)

  7. Great work, Steve!! They may not be terrifying at first sight, but I would certainly not want to offend them! A really great flying three-some!

  8. Lovely work on these - some of my favourite Pratchett characters.

  9. Those are wonderful - reminder that I need to reread those books and figure out when to introduce them to my boy

  10. Great job, Steve! The one looking about to tumble off her broom in particular! All three are definitely characters! ;)

  11. Woo!
    I love these witches .... I have not read any Pratchett novels, but these characters look fun!
    Could Curt or one of the illustrious and hardworking minions tag this as a Sarah’s Choice?