Sunday, January 7, 2018

'Flight' from PeteF: Ghar Flitters - Purchased in my Pocket

The Ghar are one of the factions in Beyond The Gates of Antares. I mainly collect AWI, Napoleonic, Dark Ages and ECW. Somehow my phone, while in my pocket, purchased a Ghar starter army from E-Bay and these little fellas are part of that group.

They are battlefield drones which help the main Ghar squads better see their enemies - they are angry sorts and consider pretty much anyone who isn't them in that category. 

With no Ospreys to help out, I went for a metallic look for these insectoid drones - and beady red eyes. I had fun with the sci-fi basing - moss from my yard painted blue and given sponge flowers from an autumn mix. 

From behind - the flitters are in flight:

I haven't yet played Antares - a Warlord skirmish ruleset with similar mechanics to Bolt Action. It looks like it could be fun and in another 3 or 4 challenges I might even have a 1,000 point army completed.

4x 28mm flying robots (est 20 points) all Warlord metal.


  1. Pesky pocket purchases! Nice work Pete.

  2. Blame the 2 a.m. worm... Still, it turned out well in the end - great little aircraft!

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  4. Yeah blame the technology! Nice work on the drones

  5. Not bad for a pocket purchase! I like the spooky targeting optics.

  6. Great work - they look like they'll cause havoc on the tabletop!

  7. I really like those drones,Peter! From the beady red optics to the ground work, very nice job!
    Sci-fi rules! It's OK to admit it! ;)