Sunday, January 21, 2018

'BFG' from StephenS: A Big Stompy Robot

Bringing the boom to a gaming table near you! (if you live in Sydney, Australia)

I grabbed the biggest model I own, and the biggest model I've ever painted, to really reach out and embrace the theme of this bonus round!

So here it is - one big stompy robot with a 'BFG'! It is an 'Imperial Knight' from the stables of Games Workshop. I grabbed this kit when it first came out about four years ago, and with interest in the 'new 40K' growing among some of my mates, I was excited to finally get some paint on it.

It took me a lot longer to paint than I though it would and I went through plenty of silver paint and black wash... If I'm honest, I'm happy, but not ecstatic with how it has come out. I think some parts probably need a second highlight to add some more contrast, but I was pushing to get it finished before I ran out of puff... It has absorbed all my painting time for the last week and a bit, so I will be glad to get back to something else.

For those who follow such things, it's painted in the livery of 'House Taranis' a knightly order based on Mars and so aligned with the Adeptus Mechanicus. Just because I love their 'fluff' even though I don't have an army for them. It probably won't get much game time, as I'm sure it's probably a little much for my opponents, but it will look impressive alongside my Space Marines, when it does get to do its thing.

The ubiquitous comparison photo
I have no idea how to cost its points, I couldn't find another one on the blog, so I will leave it up the judges. It's a plastic kit, in 28 mm scale, technically a vehicle I guess... Oh, and the markings are all transfers, if that wasn't obvious.




  1. Wonderful work on this modern classic GW sculpt. Must have taken you an age!

  2. Great painting - it's a fantastic robot and definitely a freaking big gun. It should definitely count for more than a 28mm vehicle! By the way, is it something to do with Martian health and safety (or past lawsuits) that the bloody great chainsaw for a left arm has the hi vis yellow & black markings?

  3. Dunno... I think it could be bigger.

  4. Way to go Steve, always great to get a big walker off the waiting list and on to the gaming table!

  5. Imposing effort - the work you've put in on this certainly shows!

  6. Wow! That is a stunning Knight. Great work!

  7. Really nice work.that isn't at all a BFG....more like a big honking rboot attached to a BFG! Nice work on the imperial knight!