Sunday, January 21, 2018

'BFG' from SebastianR: Some Big Guns

Another bonus round, just in the nick of time; it's Batman!

(Or Ben Affleck, we're not sure). Batman is well known for settling disagreements with his large guns, using them to apply his fists to the faces of various ner-do-wells... wait... I've submitted him before...

No, instead, we have some actual big guns. Not sure what you were expecting really.

 4 105mm guns for my nascent early war French with 5 crew apiece.

I'll try to get a better photo setup for next time. I have been really pressed for time. It's a miracle I got these together to be honest.

With the banishment of staff teams and rifle teams for guns in v4 an opportunity has arisen to model officers directly onto the gun teams.

When I first opened up the models I assumed there was some sort of error and I was going to be spending some quality time popping out the metal around the spokes on the wheels. Turns out these guns had solid wheels which were attached to the trail legs, which provided more cover for the crew when spread.


  1. More early Froggy artillery - excellent stuff! Love the gold braid on teh officer's kepi.

  2. Howitzers can't fly...! Oh wait...

  3. Great looking camo! Lovely work on the crew too!
    Best Iain

  4. Great work Sebastian - love the early camo.

  5. Really nice battery! I love the early french camouflage and these are a treat!