Sunday, January 21, 2018

'BFG' from SteveM: German Sturer Emil Tank-hunter

Description: German Sturer Emil Tank-hunter WW2
Mfg: Battlefront
Product: GE116 x3
Scale: 15mm
Material: Resin and Metal

I have had these sitting around the Battlefront midwar montsers box hence the count of there.  I never got the play them in v3 when I was allowed to and only time will tell if v4 will allow them. Maybe there are other rulesets where they can be used.

This monster carried a 12.8cm gun with a 25’6”/7.8m long barrel. The mounted gun on the chassis is a Rheinmetall 12.8 cm K L/61 gun (based on the 12.8 cm FlaK 40) which makes it a BFG for the time.

In reading about them, only two prototypes were produced and it is a good thing from the standpoint of the other side. It was capable of firing a 58lb/26.4kg shot at 2887fps/880m/s. It could penetrate 120mm of armour sloped at 30 degrees at 2000m and over 200mm at point-blank range.

The two prototype vehicles were named Max and Moritz after the naughty boys in Busch’s famous German children’s tale(or in German)

Doesn't hurt to have another BFG so three it is.

A Tiger 1E shown for size comparison aligned so the gun barrel starting point are aligned.


  1. Ah, I remember I hated "Mid War Monsters" so much when it came out, but I can't dispute the brushwork here - very well done.

  2. Those are some impressive statistics - and a lovely paint job.

  3. OMG - they're breeding!
    ; )
    Very cool, Steve, scary as anything!

  4. Lovely work, makes the tiger look small!
    Best Iain

  5. Good lord those things are huge. Lovely brushwork on these Steve.

  6. Those are the definition of BFG! Good thing the Germans over engineered and went quantity over quality! ;)
    I like the brushwork you did on these behemoths and they are weathered a treat too!