Sunday, January 21, 2018

'BFG' from KeithS: Big Freaking Guy - The Demogorgon Story

For the Big Freakin' Guy challenge, there was only one monster with the star power to make the cut!  I present you Demogorgon (and his older brother, the other Demogorgon)!  From the hit show Stranger Things, to the hearts of D&D geeks everywhere, he has proven to be a favorite for people of all ages.  TV Star, Demonlord, slayer of player characters, devoted family man (men?) -- he's all this and more.  Demogorgon by Grenadier (left) is joined by his older brother, Demogorgon by Minifigs (right).

There's a family resemblance, to be sure, but who are we kidding?  Only the Grenadier version has the looks for TV.

Here's his headshot, taken from IMDB.  He certainly is a fancy one.  And all the Succubi just go crazy for him.  Four eyes?  No way, eight eyes!

His brother, meanwhile, has a face only a demon mother, or maybe a baboon, would love.  Left head (to right) is looking a wee bit sad at that.

Together, they are a dynamic pair, though Minifigs guy is a bit mangy looking, even if he is a biggun.

As a special bonus, here's a rare, behind the scenes photo from the set of Stranger Things.  This is TMZ material, as Demogorgon was taking a bath when this was snapped.  I hope I don't hear from his lawyer.

And that's it from me.  I picked up the Minifigs guy at Historicon in July 2016.  I literally sat down two minutes after I bought it to look at my phone and saw a pic of the Grenadier version from Stranger Things, which was released that day and I'd never heard of.  Weird coincidence.  I picked up the Grenadier version from Mirliton shortly after (and before they became hot items).

The Grenadier one is 62mm tall and the Minifigs one is 71mm, so around 20 or so points, methinks.


  1. Ahhh, I was going to use Big Freakin’ Guy!

    Nice Demagorgon

  2. Those baboon (or is it mandril?) Heads are top notch!

  3. Creative interpretations always score well, audacious and well-executed!

  4. Brilliant and even better that there are two!
    Best Iain

  5. I like the baboon markings on them, the Grenadier model is fancier. Nice work on the pair..or is that quadruple? ;)