Sunday, January 7, 2018

'Flight' from SebastianR: Batman

Evenin' all.

So confession time, this is my first post but I'm not going to do the introductions thing as I'm running a bit short of time. You see it's the bonus round, and the deadline is 0000H. I'm pretty sure that that's Alaska time but it's 2348 here in the UK and I don't want to take any chances.

Anyway, for your delectation, here is that well known representative of flight*, Batman!**

This is the Batman figure from the "Batman Miniatures Game" by Knight Models. I acquired it as part of a lot; it's not something I'd normally buy for myself, despite the figure being rather nice.

This isn't just any Batman, this is Batman (Ben Affleck) and they drive that home even in the text of the stat booklet you get with him.

Which suggests to me that either a) Ben Affleck is actually the Batman universe or b) They're planning to bring out all the previous Batman's too, including perhaps Adam West. Now that's a DC extended universe movie I would pay money to see...

There's not much colour going on, apart from the grass which I added at his feat to conceal the basing bar(?). I used a few semi-targetted grey drybrushes followed by a more targeted one with some Iraqui Sand mixed in to highlight a few areas. There must be a better way to paint "black" out there, but I think he looks pretty good for the effort put in. Not going to lie, it was probably the quickest paintjob I've ever done.

Looking forward to introducing myself properly on Tuesday; hello and Happy New Year to you all!

*Of course he can fly, he was bitten by a radioactive bat and gained all the powers of bat. That's how all super heroes work, right?

**All instances of the word Batman are to be read in Bale style growly voice.


  1. Surely it’s Batman, alias Bruce Wayne?

  2. He'll forever be Adam West to me! Nice work Seb.

    1. Adam West? Wow you're much older than I thought! ;-)

      (I do love West too, although the Batman of my youth was Keaton)

  3. Good work mate, that’s a nice model. I’ll have to try painting some of these up as Batman is my favourite comic book hero.

  4. Full marks for the rebooted origin story! Now it's back to stately Affleck Manor... Nice work Seb!

  5. He's obviously cool! Why, because he's Batman.

    Not easy to do a mostly black figure, you did good!

  6. Like shooting fish in a barrel. Batman is awesome therefore this figure is awesome. :) Well done Sebastian!

  7. I aquired this figure from the suicide squad box, I like how you approached him. I hope to get paint on mine before long, but we'll see where whimsy takes me!

  8. Nice Batfleck, and nice theme choice