Sunday, February 3, 2019

'Mercenary' form EvanH: "It Is, It Is A Glorious Thing To Be A Pirate King!"

Got a bit of a golden oldie lined up for this fortnight's Bonus Round, an old metal GW Ogre Maneater in Pirate kit. Maneaters are the well-travelled mercenaries of the Ogre world. And what's more mercenary than a pirate?

The Captain comes in at just over 54mm in height, and weighs a bloody ton compared with the current crop of plastic and resin figs. He's been in the Garage of Shame since 2006, so it's about time he was given a good lick of paint and unleashed upon the world.

He has a Gnoblar decked out in feathers and a fake beak perched on his right shoulder, playing the role of a parrot to give that authentic piratey look. Have to say, he looks pretty fed up with the gig.

I went with an extremely colourful palette, figuring that Ogre pirates would fancy some sartorial finery every bit as much as their human colleagues. Stripes and bright colours are the order of the day when this scurvy rogue is on deck! His left boot is firmly planted on a treasure chest overflowing with doubloons. His weapons are rusty but serviceable.

"It's all about the money, boys!"
He's blinged up, even sporting a gold tooth. He took a while, but he repaid the effort and the time taken. A lovely sculpt, and another addition for my longest-running army project ever.

So there he is - I hope he meets with your approval!

What's next? Stay tuned...