Sunday, February 3, 2019

'Mercenary' from DaveX: Sniper

For this bonus round I decided to paint up a US Special Forces Sniper as a Mercenary.  He could be from any nation representing any organisation or corporate venture or perhaps he is sworn to say nothing to anyone about who he is or what he is doing?

This figure is a limited release from Elhiem Figures, some of the best figures in 20mm.

For those curious, the background building is a 3D Print textured and painted by me prior to the challenge.

Some of you might recognise who this chap is.  He is based on the art from Osprey's Force on Force Ambush Alley Modern Ruleset.  I painted him to look more like a Mercenary and not just a Random SF Badass.  

If you like this figure quickly head over to Elhiem's Website and grab him before he is gone!