Sunday, February 17, 2019

'Water Feature: from NickJ: Gravetide the Wave

Once upon a Late to the Party but hopefully sneaking in under the wire...

It's been a busy old month and the last couple of weeks have been super fun at work as we build towards an IT ERP system go live in Singapore. As I'm based in the UK this has produced some interesting time zone challenges with meetings. And that in turn has left me with 30 minutes a day at most for painting!

Suffice to say I suspect my target is rapidly diminishing into the distance.

But before it vanishes completely here's my entry for the Water Feature bonus round - this is another of the GW Endless Spells and is called Suffocating Gravetide

Photos are by iPhone. Painting by me. Lighting provided by the Dark Zone.

To quote from the GW Spell Card:
"With a whispered curse, the ground, and the dead buried within it, rises up in a destructive tidal wave"

So it's a wave. Which is a feature of water. Right?

The skulls are a lovely touch... not creepy in any which way...

Rolling, rolling, rolling, Gravetide!

I opted for a variety of greys and brown washes for this one based on the fact all my bases are grey ash. At least this way it fits on the battlefield!

Broken floor/wall which I painted with blue/silver, washed in yellow and then darkened with a brown wash to show that it has been caught in the earthy tidal wave.

Unlike the flaming bull from earlier in the Challenge this spell can be cast by any wizard in the game rather than a single faction

In terms of size:
L = 160mm
H = 40mm (at it's highest point)
D = 85mm

or in old money
L = 6.5"
H = 1.5"
D = 3.5"

Now back to a Singapore project review... awesome!