Sunday, February 3, 2019

'Mercenary' from PeteF: Hessian Jaegers

Hessian mercenaries were an important element of the Crown's forces in the American War of Independence. The Jaegers were accomplished woodsmen who typically brought their own rifles to the conflict. These came without bayonets so Jaegers also carried a short sword.

The figures are from Perry and are lovely sculpts. They were great fun to paint. Sources differ on everything from breeches to button colour. I opted for a uniform appearance - no mattress ticken pants. Hessians tied their hair in a queue, wrapped with black ribbon. Jaegers had a furry sack/bag on one hip. What I'm finding with the AWI figures is that a lot of these guys ran around the woods with all sorts of bags, bottles and boxes dangling from their shoulders making for much painting of straps.

I'm including a lot of close ups - at the risk of exposing some errors - I'm really happy with the way some of the detail came out and I'm finally getting a little better at highlighting (any tips for improvement are welcome).

These Jaegers are based on 20mm rounds each with a powerful magnet so they can be slotted into a base of 6 depending on rules. They will be seeing service at this year's Enfilade! convention in Olympia WA where I'll be running a Rebels & Patriots game. These Dan Mersey/Michael Leck rules look like a lot of fun - I really enjoy Pikeman's Lament and I'm looking forward to seeing how a similar system works for the AWI. 

6x28mm for 30 points - but nothing for the Squirrel duel as AWI already covered.


  1. Spectacular. Very well done, especially the eyes. Those facial expressions are the best.

  2. Great work. I think your close ups look fine.

  3. Terrific work Pete! The details on the uniforms are brilliant.

  4. Lovely work Pete! I have these figures in my own collection representing Hessian Jaegers for the SYW. They are some of my favourite Perry sculpts.

  5. Ah, old Perry sculpts - is there anything more calculated to warm an old wargamer's heart? Lovely work on these lads, Pete!