Sunday, February 17, 2019

'Water Feature' from IannickM: Kaynora Uldum, High Priestess of Hydana

As I mentioned in the last bonus round, in December 2017, I started a Fighting Fantasy RPG game with two of my best friends. We changed game and setting at the end of 2018.  So I decided to reward my players with a gift, as a thank you for their dedication and the seriousness with which they played for a year. So I painted a figure for each of them, one that represented as closely as possible their characters.

So today (a funny coincidence that both characters could be used in the bonus rounds!) we have Kaynora Uldum, commonly refered to as "Kay". Kaynora is a black elf, daughter of Ralyana Darrenim and Eranil Uldum, and spent her childhood on the roads of the "Old Allansia", as part of a merchant caravan. In the world of Fighting Fantasy, black elves and dark elves are separate races, and while the later are universally evil, the former are a race of nomad merchants, of mostly neutral alignement. Kaynora left her family in search of adventure after meeting Lexana O'Aria, the Kharé mercenary who would in time become her trusted companion. Chosen by Hydana, master of the oceans, during the exploration of a sunken temple, Kaynora devoted her life to the teachings of the God of the Seas and rose from apprentice to High Priestess.

One of the power I really enjoy in the Fighting Fantasy RPG is that priests may call upon their God to directly intervene in the affairs of mortals once in their career. Kaynora managed to survive an entire campaign without calling on that favour (and there were quite a few moment when she almost did), and used it in the final scene of our campaign, to smite a mighty black dragon in the battle between the forces of Salamonis (the good guys) and Balthus Abhoré's evil Chaos hordes. It was an epic moment, as the mighty old God rose from the oceans to spearhead and then engulf the dragon in a powerful tidal wave of destruction.

I easily found the figure to represent the High Priestess, from Dark Sword miniatures. Kaynora wielded a metallic blue trident given to her by Hydana, wearing a turquoise robe and an equally blue magic armour. The figure was just a perfect match, and she has that High Priestess prestance for sure!

So that's 5 pts for a 28mm character, and a candidate for Sarah's choice. 

And here's a picture of the legendary mighty duo of Allansia, Emilie's Lexana O'Aria and Marie-Claude's Kaynora Uldum. Both figures now in the hands of my two players.


  1. I know nothing of Fighting Fantasy rpgs but this figure is Aces and I love the colour choices.
    As the young ones say “ Slay, Queen!”

  2. Wonderful vibrant colours! Tag this for Sarah's Choice, someone!

  3. Fantastic looking priestess! Lovely vibrant colours!
    Best Iain

  4. That's one splashy lady (see what I did there?) Anyway, great colourscheme and I love the look of the pair of them.

  5. What a colour scheme! Lovely work, Iannick!

  6. Wow, love the oversaturated colours - wonderful.

  7. Thank you all for the kind comments