Sunday, February 3, 2019

'Mercenary' from NickJ: Barbarian for Hire

Once upon a time when money will buy you the nastiest Chaos can offer...

After the problems of trying to find something to fit the Sport Bonus Round I have to admit to being buried under choices for this Mercenary Bonus Round. Chaos AoS offers a multitude of nefarious characters that fit the description of mercenary to a T.

In the end I opted to go with the second in my Darkoath Triumverate; The Chieftain

 I have painted him in the same style as my first entry for Challenge IX - The Warqueen.

I also have a new lightbox after 3 years of entering the Challenge. It arrived 30 minutes before I took the photos so lots of learning still to be done.

For the photo above and the 3 that follow I opted to put the lights on the same side so it looks like he's standing in the sun/moon light.

In keeping with the theme of the Challenge I'm building a Fellowship for the Darkoath Faction which is led by a Family of 3 siblings.

The Warqueen is the eldest, The Chieftain is the middle child, The Wizard is the youngest sister - she will be along before the end of the Challenge. Fingers crossed.

Is he truly a mercenary? The Darkoath are effectively Chaos Undivided so are not aligned with any of the Gods directly. They will, however, hire themselves out to whichever God is paying the highest today.

At least that's my story and I'm sticking to it. So there! Ahem.

I do like the pose with the head slightly bowed. The fact he has 2 weapons and no shield should tell you a lot about his preferred battle tactics!

He's a standard 28mm scale GW figure; so a nice 5 points + bonus!

I'm impressed I've managed 3 Bonus Rounds now. See if I can keep it going.



  1. But who would hire him? Weirdly attractive colour scheme.

  2. Nice work, he looks like just the sort of chap to help tear your enemies asunder.

  3. Great looking barbarian! Nice colours!
    Best Iain

  4. Great job Nick.
    I'm sure payment negotiations with the Chaos gods proceed smoothly...

  5. Great looking nastie, Nick Love the hat racks on his shoulders. ;)

  6. Lovely work. I think he is a mercenary in so much as you are more likely to pay him to go away.

  7. Suitably spiky character! Very nice work, Nick!

  8. He looks like he could be trouble? Great looking figure.