Sunday, February 3, 2019

'Mercenary' from SamuliS: Wizard for Hire

You might think what on earth does a single lonely wizard do in the Mercenary bonus round. If something they'd normally be the ones to be hiring a bunch of goons to protect them and do the dirty work. But in comes the wizard of the Blood Bowl pitch! Never recruitable in his own right, rather you'll have to hire him prematch as an inducement from the slightly more qualified crowds loitering around the pitch making him basically just a mercenary!

Clocking in at 150,000 gold pieces he is definitely not the cheapest hire especially considering he's good for just a single fireball or lightning bolt. But boy can he throw a wrench in your opponents plans at a critical moment. The best use actually being not using him at all and forcing your opponent to fear bringing his guys too close to each other or caging up on a ball in the fear of getting hit by a fireball catching half his team.

Anyways he was a quick side project in an effort to get a few more points by participating in the bonus rounds as I haven't really been able to keep painting as much as I wanted. Willy Miniatures like the Chaos Pact team that he will be associated with. A pretty nice sculpt and one that could definitely see use outside of Blood Bowl as well. I tried doing some OSL on him from the fireball that he's starting to cook up, but it didn't turn out as well this time compared to the Vader I did previously. Maybe a tad bit too stark and too red. But fixing it would require repainting the skin beneath and I wouldn't have been in time for the bonus round. OSL is definitely something I need to practice more to properly get the hang of it.


  1. Fantastic model, the OSL on the helmet looks great. Well done.

  2. Great brushwork Samuli. The flames are wonderful!

  3. Fantastic looking wizard,lovely work!
    Best Iain

  4. Holy smokes, beautiful brushwork on this fellow Samuli! I really like the flame effect - don't beat yourself up on the OSL, this looks terrific.

  5. He looks a rather dodgy chap Samuli?