Sunday, February 3, 2019

'Mercenary' from AdamC: Flemish Mercenaries

This entry is inspired by Saga.  The Flemish Mercenaries are tough infantry unit that can work with a number of Dark Age armies in Saga (not my beloved Irish but you can't have everything). They fight shoulder to shoulder and while they are slow moving their armour and close ranked formation make them very hard to kill.

I did their shields in yellow and black because those colors are associated with Count of Flanders coat of arms. The Flemish had a reputation a capable soldiers that has carried down through the ages. There have been Flemish units serving with the French, Spanish, and Germans Armies through the ages often in specific national units.
I consider using this but decided it was too specific since I might want to use these as some other unit of infantry.  Also this heraldry dates to the 12th century so it might be a bit Anachronistic in a Dark Age army.

I used the scale armour bodies from Fireforged Games they give them the heavily armoured look I wanted and all but one is armed with a spear since this is probably the dark age weapon best suited to fighting in tight formation. There are 8 figures here so 40 points (plus the bonus)