Sunday, February 3, 2019

'Mercenary' from ByronM: Souxsie and Diesel

For this weeks theme round I pulled out a miniature that I have had kicking around for probably 5 or 6 years.  It was picked up because I instantly fell in love with the overall look of it.  It is Siouxsie and Diesel put out by Studio McVey and sculpted by Yannick Hennebo.  I immediately got that old school 40k / Necromunda vibe from it and had to have it.

However, I then saw how fine some of the detail was, and go nervous about painting it.  Over the last 5 years though I have improved a fair bit in my painting and with this theme being Mercenary I remembered her and went digging in my pile-o-shame for her.  I picture her as a mercenary for my Escher Jail Bird gang for Necromunda that I painted in the challenge 2 years ago.

I am happy I waited to paint this figure as I am not sure I could have managed as good an overall look 6 years ago.  We all get better over time.  I still think it needs something for a bit more pop, but could not figure out what that was, so left it for now.

I am not sure about anyone else, but to me the dog looks like Blue (Don Cherry's iconic dog) and therefore just had to be painted white.  It catches a little too much light in the images so looks a bit brighter than it is, it was just hard to balance enough light for the darker figure compared to the light grey / white dog. 

Siouxsie had to have an orange shirt to match the rest of my jail bird figures, and then I went looking for some other brighter colours as she has a very punk look.  The punk look meant the jacket had to be black, as did all the buckles and belts, but I added in some pale blue / turquoise for the jeans and purple for the hair to make sure she still had some colour.

For once I am even happy with how a figures skin and face turned out.  Despite being super tiny and fine I managed to get her eyes and lips painted and put on some purple eye shadow (the wife thinks I am nuts, but that's nothing new). 

The last thing was the base, which actually came with her and is a wonderful sculpt in itself.  I simply did some grey concrete and a bronze manhole cover and I was done.

Oh, and thanks to Curt for finally showing me how to take some decent pictures!  I am far happier with how the colours and shading show up in the photos now.  Previously, I could never capture a good likeness of the figures as they were always washed out.  His method really helps capture a better representation of the figures.  Thanks!


  1. Oh, she pops. No question about it. The use of blue, purple, pink and orange more than balance the white of the dog.

    Very nice, and a certain favorite.

  2. You hit the mark again, Byron. Very voteworthy.

  3. Great minis mate. I need these.

    ...and you're welcome. :)

  4. Great looking pair of figures!
    Best Iain

  5. Great painting Byron, well done.

  6. A great piece Byron and I really like the blue in particular!


  7. A lovely looking figure. You've done a cracking job on her.

  8. I don't know how you do it, but this is spectacular work. Simply superb!