Sunday, February 3, 2019

'Mercenary' from BillA: Ogres For Hire

"So youse wants tuh hire my brudder Garnuk an' me to fights for you agains' th' barony across th' river? Right, we'se can do that, no problem, so longs as we'se gets paid our fee.  Two feed bags o' gold coins an' two fat hogs.  We'se growin' boys, y'know, gotta eat up to grow big an' strong.  Youse wouldn't want my brudder an' I tuh go hungry, now would ya?"

These are Reaper DHL#02312, "Vourgha the Ogre" (in the bearskin cloak), and DHL#02288, "Garnuk the Ogre" (barechested).  Both were sculpted by Bob Olley back in the 1990s and each stands about 60mm tall.  I've glued them to 50mm bases on the off chance I'll get to use them as Giants in a Oldhammer-inspired Kings of War army. 

Skin tones were done using Reaper's "Golden Skin Triad" as a break from all the Bronzed Skin I've been painting on gladiators lately, and the relatively large expanses of bare skin sculpted with only ordinary muscle instead of SUPER BULGING MUSCLE meant I felt more comfortable freehanding some tattoos on them as a break from painting neutral/earth tones on them.  Which I also think is the same reason they ended up with red hair. 

The bases were done with GF9 "Ash" flock and Army Painter "Mountain Tufts." I wanted them to look like they were from someplace so desolate that being the biggest, baddest, most brutal duo around was the only way to survive, and now they're monetizing that survival. 

"Oh, I'se almost' baron across th' river? He paid us three feed bags of gold coins and four hogs tuh come over here an' pretend tuh offer our services, get in th' tent here wit' you an' then kill ya.  Ain't nothin' personal, y'know, jus' business. Now hold still, this'll hurt for a minute."


  1. Lovely bit of work there, Bill - love that backstabbing backstory as well! Pretty Machiavellian for an Ogre!

  2. Quite snazzy. Especially the blue tattoos.

  3. Great finish, lovely ginger ogres and the tats are great!
    Best Iain

  4. Love the colour scheme and tatts!

  5. Great looking ogres. The skin and tattoos look aces.

  6. Excellent looking figures Bill. Love the tatoos.