Sunday, February 3, 2019

'Mercenary' from TamsinP: The Eye Of The Moon

You won't find the town of Santa Mondega on any map. At least not on any map with any sense. As a wretched hive of scum and villainy, Mos Eisley is a kindergarten compared to Santa Mondega.

Things that Santa Mondega is famous for:

The Festival of the Moon - a total lunar eclipse which occurs every five years
Being home to assorted bounty hunters, hitmen and thieves
Being home to vampires and werewolves in large numbers
Being the site of several massacres involving the notorious serial killer "The Bourbon Kid"
The "Tapioca" bar run by Sanchez Garcia, site of several massacres by the Bourbon Kid

These facts may or may not be connected...

Several years ago I read "The Book With No Name" by "Anonymous". I can't remember if it was recommended or if it just caught my eye on the bookshelf. But it is definitely worth reading if you enjoy horror, crime and humour. I've since gone on to read further books in the series, all of which are just as good.

But back to the post. I originally thought about doing the A Team for this round, as I remembered seeing a set by Studio Miniatures, but while I was looking at them I spotted a couple of other figures which screamed "Santa Mondega" at me. Mostly because during the "Festival of the Moon" the town's residents (and any unsuspecting visitors) dress up in costumes. Several were mentioned in the book and Studio Miniatures had suitable figures, so that's where this post came from. But how to tie it in with the theme? Well, mercenaries are guns for hire and so are hitmen. Two of the figures in this group are hitmen.

Rodeo Rex

Rex is a biker, bare-knuckle boxer, wrestler, preacher, bounty hunter and hitman for God.


Elvis isn't just an Elvis lookalike and impersonator, he is actually called Elvis. And he's a bounty hunter and a hitman for Gawd, uh-huh.

The Bourbon Kid

Santa Mondega's most notorious killer, when he appears large scale slaughter soon ensues. But only after he has downed his Bourbon. He should really be in a hooded robe, but I couldn't find an exact match. In the second book (The Eye Of The Moon) we find out that his name is JD (yes, it is an abbreviation for that), but also the reasons behind him becoming a mass-murderer.

Other Santa Mondega folks, dressed up for the Festival of the Moon:


"The Terminator"

One of the main characters, Dante, dressed in this costume during the Festival. I couldn't find a suitable figure for his girlfriend, Kacy, though. The leather came out much redder than I'd realised, but I like the look.


This one is actually another bounty hunter/hitman, Jefe, who is also a thief.


A completely unoriginal choice of costume for one of Santa Mondega's vampires...

And a group shot:

All the figures are 28mm. "Dracula" is from Bad Squiddo Games; the rest are from Studio Miniatures. They have all been pinned to resin bases from TT Combat.


  1. That is quite a wild mix of characters, I'm assuming that the costume party was an event and a half with these guys as guests.
    Nicely done.

  2. Oh wow, quite nice.

    JD is not bourbon, however. :p

  3. A great selection of characters, Tamsin. Does 'flu make you hallucinate, by any chance?

  4. Very cool. Great collection of Movie Maniacs! cheers

  5. Very odd and super cool. Nice work Tamsin!

  6. Great, eclectic mix,Elvis and Marilyn are splendid!
    Best Iain

  7. Sounds like an interesting book! Lovely minis Tamsin. The chainsaw Merilyn always cracks me up.

  8. Haha! This is a very good entry, the Elvis my favourite

  9. @ Stuart L - thanks! It was definitely one helluva party - dead bodies everywhere! :)

    @ Robert H - cheers! I know that JD isn't Bourbon; not sure that the author knows though :)

    @ Noel - thanks! I don't think I was hallucinating at any point. Leastwise not from the 'flu! ;)

    @ Brendon - cheers! :)

    @ Millsy - thanks! :)

    @ Iain - cheers! Elvis is one of my favourites from that bunch :)

    @ Greg - thanks! :)

    @ Curt - cheers! She is a fun figure :)

    @ Paul SS - thanks! :)

    @ Christopher - cheers! :)

    @ Benito - thanks! Elvis is one of my favourites too :)

    @ Barks - cheers! He's a cool figure :)

  10. What a terrific assemblage! 'Eclectic' doesn't begin to cover it - top work, Tamsin!

  11. Some great fun figures there Tamsin. Love the Marilyn figure.