Sunday, February 17, 2019

'Water Feature' from StefanK: Type VIIc U-Boat for Cruel Seas

The last weeks have been quiet but I wasn't passive. I've been preparing Union troops for our Tactica game but nevertheless I made provision for the water theme round. I highly recommend to play the following tune while reading the article:

It's the main theme of the famous German movie 'Das Boot' (The Boat) showing type VII submarine U-96 on one of its combat patrols ('Feindfahrt' in German).

But now with no more ado here's my entry. A type VIIc submarine for Cruel Seas:

As you see it's a Type VIIc submarine for Cruel Seas. The Type VII was the most common German submarine in World War II. It's based on the WW I Type II submarine and was build in many different versions. The VIIc was the workhorse of the submarine fleet and 568 units were commissioned.

The model is based on a 1/350 model kit by Revell which is a wonderfully detailed piece of craftsmanship. The level of detail is simply sublime and it was a true pleasure to assemble it although it was much more work than our usual wargaming kits. Actually it's a full hull model so I needed to cut it down to waterline. Unfortunately it didn't go as smooth as necessary so I based it on thin plastic sheet and applied some waves with greenstuff.

Afterwards I painted the boat with Vallejo paints as well as thinner based washes by AK. To give it a similar look as my former Kriegsmarine E-Boats I mounted one of the flags that came with Cruel Seas. A bit fiddly but after all it worked.

By scale the u-boat is slightly smaller then the 1/300 kits by Warlord Games but nevertheless it fits in very well. Actually it's recommended by Warlord to use 1/350 kits for larger ships.

After all I'm really happy with the result and I hope you like it as well. Anyway during the next weeks I'll present my ACW troops but that's it for now.


  1. That’s gorgeous! Happy hunting!

  2. Wow! I absolutely love this. Cutting it down to it's waterline? That must have been a little harrowing - I can see where so many things could have gone wrong, but the final result is gorgeous. Beautiful work Stefan.

  3. A DYI waterline model conversion, that takes nerve and a steady hand. Great result.