Sunday, February 3, 2019

'Mercenary' from TeemuL: Fyreslayers

In the Mortal Realms of the Age of Sigmar, the Fyreslayers are a mercenary race. They are trying to gather huge amounts of ur-gold, which they believe are shards of their god, Grimnir. So they fight to retrieve as much as possible of it, they also accept it as payment for their service and are usual hired axes in the universe.

I originally started my Fyreslayers army for our Path to Glory campaign and now I'm adding a bit more to it. These are basic battleline fighters, armed with two axes. I also added all the horns from the previous sets to these - mainly because it is possible (by rules as well) and to irritate some players, who don't like that at all. Gamewise it is not a big deal, they give a bonus as long as one of them is alive and since you can quite freely remove casualties, it is not a game changer. And as AoS is a skirmish game, they are not the drummers to keep the regiment in pace, they are blowing horns to tell they are coming to kill you. So more the merrier.

I thought that painting half naked dwards (duardin) would be quick and easy, but no. They have awfully lot of details (which I didn't pick up all) and the axes and helmets are very detailed, takes lots of time to paint them all properly. Speaking of axes and helmets, I painted them look like cold metal with a blue hint to contrast them with warm red, orange and skin. Looks quite nice. The bases are made of old tapestry, which looks like a cobblestone street when painted. Mandatory skulls and tufts added of course.

That's 10 28mm dwarf warriors from Games Workshop, 50 points in addition of bonus points and a new squirrel.


  1. A colourful and loud looking unit. If any of your opponents complain, just drown them out with the sound of your war horns.

  2. Nice work Teemu. The bases are brilliant - what a clever idea!

  3. Great looking bunch of slayers!
    Best Iain

  4. Wonderful unit Teemu! I agree with Millsy, the bases are inspired.

  5. Great work on the 'strawberry blondes' - Don't call them 'Ginners' it only makes them angry(er)

  6. Great work on these, Teemu, and the basing is inspired!