Sunday, February 17, 2019

'Water Feature' from PhilH: Featuring Iceman

Here I am, emerging on my fortnightly schedule to hit the latest theme round. I was originally planning to do terrain for this one, but we're at the peak of some house renovations, so hobby time is on the backburner again.

Instead, I went for Plan B...

I'm beginning to think there's a mutant for every theme...

Yup, another Mutant to add to the Marvel collection:Bobby Drake aka Iceman. Another founding member of the team, first appearing in X-Men#1 way back in 1963.

Unsurprisingly, Iceman manipulates water, instantly freezing water vapor in the air or his body to form structures, such as the 'ice slide' he travelling on. He takes on an icy form, becoming highly resistant to damage and able to merge with other water features. By Marvel lore, he's another 'Omega-level' mutant, theoretically capable of manipulating water on a global scale, with sufficient training.

I had a fortuitous accident with him: a bad spray job on the batch left him a bit gritty, but being a resin cast I couldn't strip him alongside the others. But, drybrushing him up make use of all of that texture to achieve a frosty effect.

He's usually (though not always) depicted as above, in total ice form, but I wanted to break up the mono color and tie him to the rest by leaving his shorts. I painted these before the drybrushed ice form,to give them a frosty effect. I'm so-so about the final look and may end up re-doing them.

That's the lot, but adds another Squirrel to my tally.


  1. He looks great - lovely frozen effect.

  2. Replies
    1. Haha, there’s one of these for every occasion :-)

  3. Replies
    1. Yeah came out alright in the end. From the brink of disaster, victory

  4. The ice-effects worked out really well, great looking piece!

  5. A nostalgic entry for those of us who read comics in the 1960s - well done!