Sunday, February 3, 2019

'Mercenary' from BenF: He's No Good to Me Dead - Boba Fett

Phew, just made it. Baby Evie obliged by grabbing a few hours sleep which gave me a chance to finish this figure off.

When I think of mercenary, it's hard to go past the ultimate bounty hunter who is willing to sell his services to the empire, Boba Fett. The iconic character is one of my favourite, though I do prefer the original version when he had a gravelly american accent.

 This is the excellent Star Wars Legion figure by Fantasy Flight Games. I used the superb Sorastro painting tutorial video to paint this chap. It was actually a nice change from all the 6mm i've been painting of late, and it was fun to try out some new techniques like wet-blending, battle damage, and off-source lighting. I think the OSLmay have worked out better had I used the fluro paints recommended by Sorastro, but I made do with the lemon yellow and light orange I had in my paint collection. I think it ended up ok.

I really like these Legion figures, and have a few more to paint up when I get tired of 6mm, including Han and Chewie.

Not sure how to score this fellow, as the Legion figs are '35mm', whatever that is. I guess its probably scored as a 28mm, so 20 points plus the bonus.