Sunday, February 17, 2019

'Water Feature from BillA: I Thought It Said "Water Creature"

So yes, as the title says, I initially misread this week's Bonus round as "Water Creature" instead of "Water Feature." I quickly realized my mistake, but I was so amused by it I had to run with it.  At my local game store, a Reaper "Large Water Elemental," molded in translucent blue plastic, proved the perfect option; I had used the equivalent Earth Elemental for a "Defensive Terrain" Bonus Round two Challenges ago, so why not continue the theme, right?

The entire figure, once washed and dried, was given an extra-heavy drybrush of Reaper's "Deep Ocean," followed by washes of Citadel "Drakenhof Nightshade" and "Athonian Camoshade," blue and green ink washes respectively, followed by drybrushings of "Marine Teal" and "Surf Aqua," then a 50-50 mix of Surf Aqua and Misty Grey half-drybrushed, half-stippled over the areas that looked foamy, and then a 25-25-50 mix of Surf Aqua/Misty Gray/Pure White lightly drybrushed over the top of that.  Finally, a little more Athonian Camoshade was worked into the recesses of the figure's base to represent it moving over earth and vegetation and some of that getting washed up into the Elemental.

Finally, here he is with the banshee I painted earlier in this year's Challenge to give a sense of scale.