Sunday, February 17, 2019

'Water Feature' from RayR: Napoleonic Landing Party

Its Bonus Round time once again. This week the theme is "Water Feature"
I was going to paint up a Native American canoe or a few empty 15mm boats, I mentioned it
to Postie. who had a lightbulb moment.
Hence the boats...

I gave him these two British Napoleonic Landing boats a few years ago, I think
 I bought them on ebay??

So I'm unsure of who makes them?
They could be AB???

There are 19 x 15mm figures
1 x small gun
and of course the 2 boats

They're based on stiff card, that I stuck a few lolly pop sticks to, to stiffen the base
up even more. Then they're coated in pollyfilla, to create the wave effect.
Hopefully they won't warp?

I thought they'd be easy to paint gluing the figures in place on the boats first.

Oh how wrong I was!!!!

It took me double the time to paint these as it should.

But I'm pretty pleased with the results.

So that should be
38 for the figures
2 for the gun, its not that big really...........Oi, none of that either!!
16 for the boats
50 bonus points
106 in total???


  1. Lovely stuff, very Master and Commander.

  2. Oh these are great! Lovely finish,I think we've all done the"oh these will be easier stuck down " mistake!
    Best Iain

  3. These look great - love the waves.

  4. Great work on the watter (and the boats are nice too)

  5. Row row row your boat... nice one Ray!

  6. Lovely work, Ray, great little boats!

  7. Terrific work Ray! The water effect turned out very well.

  8. Very nice. I now stick crews etc. on to map pins for painting. A lot less hassle.