Sunday, January 8, 2017

'Armour' from BrendonW: Knights of Beer and Bacon

Plastic Perry Miniatures Knights 28mm Cavalry x 17.

This is my first large single based unit for The Red and the Black. I usually base my figures individually but as I had acquired a stack of knights though a Facebook seller I decided to have a crack at making this armoured horde.

I had actually painted 18 but after slowly adding them to the base (Mantic plastic unit tray) I decided to leave that one out. It didn't seem to need it.

Incredibly I didn't break or bend any lances while flocking the base nor have major glue disasters. You know......glue drops on miniature then flock goes on paint......pain!
I know that Lances coloured like this was more than likely for tournaments only. These guys though, just like to let it be known that the defenders of Bacon and Beer are ready to party no matter the occasion.

In the future I may just add a banner to a rear upright lance perhaps. Maybe after the Painting Challenge. This is my first submission to this seasons mayhem.

Enjoy your painting.
Cheers from Brendon


  1. Nice to see the beer and bacon boys return Brendon - cracking stuff! :)

  2. Fun name and I like those lances.

  3. An impressive unit of Knights for the forces of Beer and Bacon. Well done.

  4. Awesome unit of knights, Kiwi! Love the barber-pole lances. Who will they fight? I get it: The Army of Spritzers and Tofu! :)

    1. LOL!
      Trade wars with Dwarves.
      Perhaps against the evil Vegans who continually harm innocent defenseless vegetables. ha!

  5. Really nice, looking forward to more R&B.

  6. They look great all based up together rather than individual.

  7. I knew these guys would be back - great themeing for a fun army!

  8. The Knights of the Round tun, ooh well done!

  9. Great looking unit of Knights Brendan. I was hoping to see more of your WoR work this challenge.

  10. Very impressive. The red and black paint scheme really works with the mostly silver palette. A thunderous charge of tin cans!

  11. My favorite host, Brendon! Beet and Bacon for cause, and tournament lances for war, cuz we don't much care for fashion and etiquette!;)