Sunday, February 18, 2018

'Childhood' from EvanH: Mouslings for my Munchkins

Hey, remember this little guy?

If you recall, a mere 13 months ago, I said I'd paint up a few more Reaper Mouslings for the grandkids just as soon as they were old enough not to stick them straight in their mouths. Well, the 'Childhood' bonus round offered the ideal opportunity to at least get the project kicked off again.

So here, without further ado, three Reaper Bones Mouslings to hopefully enthrall my grandchildren and get them started on the slippery slope towards miniature painting (what, you think I'm going in without an agenda?)

The figures are sold as Ranger, Yeoman, and Princess.

And yes, I know that a princess is not necessarily a proper role model for young girls in this day and age, so let me just point out that my granddaughters are being raised as self-rescuing princesses! 

Don't be fooled by the pink - she's packing heat!

Bases were 25mm rounds from Warbases. I opted for the chunkier 3mm thick MDF for durability and ease of handling. 

"I bet you're wondering whether I fired five arrows or six..."
"Nah, I can see another one in your hand."
"Well, pretend you can't, okay? Dramatic tension and all that."
I've given them two coats each of satin varnish, since they'll need to be fairly hard-wearing for when the kiddies come over to visit.

Similar to, but legally distinguishable from, Errol Flynn in The Adventures of Robin Hood.
The final touch was (as always) Tajima1 Tufts, from the Wild Grass and Flower Tufts sets. Self-adhesive, and probably the first thing to be plucked off by inquisitive little fingers!

Now as to scoring, well, Reaper figs are ostensibly 25mm 'heroic scale', but these little folk come in at around 20mm, so 4 points each would seem about right.

Incidentally, this was a near-run thing, as My Good Lady Wife and I are leaving for a day out in the apple orchards west of Sydney. Like, in about 30 minutes as of the time of writing... nothing like looming deadlines and schedule conflicts to motivate a painter!

Now, what can I dig out for the last Theme Round? Only time will tell!

Stay tuned...



  1. Very nice Evan, the Grandkids will be delighted I am sure. And while you're on it: get yourselfves a Heroquest game and use these mini's for them to get their first steps into gaming as well!

  2. Lucky grandkids. These are really sweet. I have a feeling that as soon as she sees these, the Long Suffering Briony will suggest a suitable space in the display cabinet that is just crying out for them.

    Richard c

  3. Wickedly cute and funny, Evan! I hope your grandkids will adore them! I'm only a little disappointed you did not submit some more snotlings, gobbos,and other green skins being tortured! ;)

  4. I like these mouslings. I had some a couple challenges back but they had to be binned following an epic primer fail. Yours are fab!

  5. Thanks for the kind words, folks - let's hope the kids like them as well!

  6. Beautiful work on these Ev! I particularly like the princesses hat pennant thingy. Very cute. Have you ever played 'Mice and Mystics'? I think it would be a wonderful game for the grandkids.