Sunday, February 4, 2018

'Music/Musician' from TeemuL: Dwarf Miner Musician & Co

Not very creative nor spectacular paint job, but I just need the 50 bonus points to competing in the SD1. The fellow on the right is a horn blower, musician. I added the rest of command group here as well. I really would have liked to give more attention to this command group, but as my week is cut short, no painting after Thursday evening, I did the best I could. I believe they look ok on the table or on the shelf, but while painting and holding them on my hand, they don't look like what I wanted.

Classic metal Dwarf Miner command group from the 6th Ed (or so) Warhammer Fantasy Battle.

I painted the other warriors 2016/2017, some of the during the previous Challenge. Here they are all together, in their red-blue-yellow glory.

3 times 5 is 15 points.


  1. These guys with their helmet candles have always cracked me up. Great work Teemu!

  2. A whimsical entry, very nice work!

  3. I’ve always liked those helmet candles.

  4. Great work on the miners, I’ve painted a few of them over the years too.

  5. Nice work Teemu. That horn must create a din underground with all the reverb.

  6. Nice work, Teemu! I like the helmet candles too and their ability to pop up behind warmachines! ;)
    The look pretty good for the speed and sharp with the unit!