Sunday, February 4, 2018

'Music/Musician' from ByronM: Ancient Greek Musicians

This week was really hard to do something for as I really wanted to stay on track with my projects, but still wanted to enter something.  I had several ideas, but all of them were not related to my current projects, and then the Greek command figures showed up from Steve Saleh from Gorgon Studios and I had an idea.

I needed a command stand for the Athenian detachment for my Greeks and there were a few musicians in the pack of characters, why not have some encouraging a Greek hero.  Well, it almost didn't work, as I ran the idea by my wife, and she said it would be cheating for me to use these figures, as a pipe / recorder / flute (?)  is not a real instrument and I would be stretching the theme and that is not at all what Curt would have meant.  She said I needed to do a band or orchestra or something!  So I pulled up past theme topics and I showed her how some themes get "stretched" and she then agreed that these were fine. 

So, with the bosses blessing it was onto painting time, which was short.  I only started these on Thursday and still had to get my normal Saturday entries up and ready.

These sculpts are great through as they have so much character and charm.  They were also very simple being in robes and having simple instruments, so I spent a bunch of time trying to get the flesh tones right and a rough linen fabric colour right.  I think they are close, but couldn't get them just right. 

The warrior they are playing into battle was much easier despite having way more detail to paint.  since he had less skin showing it was all armour and clothing to deal with.  I used a decal from Little Big Men, but chose not to put a colour under it as I wanted the shield to look like old Greek pottery with black on terracotta, or in this case, bronze.  While understated, I like the look.

While a simplistic take on music, I think it covers the theme enough to get me in, and gives me another command stand for my Greeks.  Two goals accomplished in one thing.


  1. Love those figures Byron. Simple but very effective. That awesome shield decal really caps them off nicely.

  2. Really nice figures, simple and clean!
    Best Iain

  3. More Greeks! :) Really well done Byron.

  4. I think they fit the theme perfectly!

  5. They fit in perfectly with your project!

  6. Lovely work Byron, every hero needs to match into battle accompanied by their personal theme song!

  7. Excellent work, Byron! The base and musicians really set off the commander. The hero can't possibly go wrong with an entourage playing his theme music! ;)