Sunday, February 4, 2018

'Music/Musician' from KeithS: Orcish Marching Band

I really had to stretch a bit for this particular challenge, as I did not have anything in mind.  But, just as I despaired and figured I'd skip it, I got a delivery of some figures I bought of eBay which included a few musicians.  The figures are eight Orcs from Heritage Miniatures.  They include rare, unreleased poses that I scored for a really decent price.  I did a bunch of Orcs from the same line for the challenge a year or two ago, and really wanted to add these to the mix.

The group photo:

One set was a Moria Command section.  This is the musical tie in, as they include a drummer and horn bearer, in addition to the bossy guy with the finger and a bannerman.  The banner got the same orange wyvern as all the previous orc shields, though it was a pain as the folds in it were quite deep.
The musical duo up close.  The figures are not the most excellent ever made, but I just love Ralph Bakshi style Orcs (as in Lord of the Rings, 1978 version).  I am quite fond of them.
The ranks and file (and the confused boss on the left).  They are all over the map and provide a little variety for the two dozen I painted previously.
Orange Wyverns for all!
And from the back just for drill,  As Orcs, they get dirty, mangy clothing and colors.  But, I think they're all good lads and a worthy addition to my Orcish force for the next game of D&D.

That's 8 25-28mm figs at 5 points each, so 40 points.