Sunday, February 18, 2018

'Childhood' from PaulOG: Two Little Boys

Rolf Harris has been a famous Australian entertainer for many decades (lets just forget about his more recent issues shall we?). While I would not say I am a big fan of his, his song "Two Little Boys" has always appealed to me.

Broadly, its a song about two lads who played war together as lads and when they grew up look after each other on the battlefield when one of them in wounded. For those with a few minutes, here is the song:

When I saw these Downed Luftwaffe crewmen by Wargames foundry six months ago I thought of that song but never got around to painting them, but they seemed perfect for this Bonus round.  Here are my 28mm version of Two Little Boys (or "Zwei Kleine Jungen" I suppose!)

2 x 28mm figs = 10 points + bonus round


  1. Great painting on these two little chaps. If you want to hear an alternative (punk) version of the song with the Rolf baggage, you should search for the version by Splodgenessabounds ;-)

    Richard C

  2. Nicely done! Pulls on the feels, but nicely done!

  3. The feels!

    (Now I feel awkward with the Rolf reference...)

  4. Great little vignette Paul, though it's hard to avoid the creepiness of the Rolf reference (vile man).