Sunday, February 4, 2018

'Music/Musician' from MilesR: The Little Drummer Boy

 For your consideration, a humble Confederate drummer boy in 28mm.  This is one of the leftovers I have from the command sprue that come with the plastic Perry CSA Infantry box set.  Just a simple paint job and wash.

This figure is wearing captured blue union trousers and is part of the 28th North Carolina Infantry regiment of the Army of Northern Virginia.

Just a small submission for the bonus round.

Oh - how do I know this figure if from the 28th NC regiment?

'Cause that's what it says on the flag, silly.  I thought he might be a bit lonely so painted up the whole regiment also.  One really can't have enough civil war regiments can one?

This is my 17th Confederate regiment for the collection and the 14th made from the plastic Perry's

The 28th NC fought in most of the major engagements in the Eastern Theater including Gettysburg.  It was part of Lanes Brigade and took part in the famous but futile "Picket's Charge" on the third day of the battle.
That's 24 figures plus a flag for a base score of 121 points.


  1. 'Just a small submission' in MilesSpeak means submitting an entire 24-figure unit. Amazing stuff Mr. Reidy, well done!

  2. Lovely "small "submission!
    Best Iain

  3. I’ll just paint one... then you’ve got a whole regiment!

  4. I’m glad you didn’t leave him hanging around by himself! Great work on the whole regiment Miles!

  5. Oh Miles, you never do things by half do you! Great work, love the drummer and his unit.

  6. Indeed a very good looking unit and drummer!

  7. Good thing you didn't leave him by himself! Never know what mischief a young drummer can get up too without proper supervision!
    Nice work, Miles! That is a massive confederate army which probably has cav and arty you haven't mentioned! ;)