Sunday, February 4, 2018

'Music/Musician' from NickJ: Ratabello

Once upon a rat-a-tat-a-ding-dong!

I'm as amazed as you are that I'm here featuring in my second bonus round of this Challenge. This time I've gone small and the Challenge has done exactly what it says on the tin: namely got me painting units that have sat around for ages!

Ratabello is a ClanRat from the Skaven race and lives in the underground of the Age of Sigmar world. Clanrats are the basic troopers for Clan Verminus which is essentially all about war and smacking people over the head. Other clans like their fancy gadgets or rotten poisons but Verminus just like stabbing things.

Now all that said for some reason this particular rat decided to put away his blade and pick up a bell. With a little rat on it. You just can't predict what these rats are going to do...

So why did I choose this model then? To be honest I'm swimming in choices for musicians and was almost pulling straws as to which one would be painted. In the end I settled on this chap because I have 110 Clanrats that need painting and I've been procrastinating for far too long. All from starter sets as well. I have 3 starter sets. I know.

In the end this one serves two purposes; he's in the bonus round and he's a test figure to see if I could come up with a reasonably quick paint scheme that still looks effective at tabletop height. He took 2 hours from start to finish which involved a couple of changes to the paint scheme as I went.

I've kept the same purples and greys for the tunic/cowl but reversed them so now the purple is up top. I've then dirtied the grey as it has no doubt been trailing in the mud and frankly I can't see Skaven worrying about washing machines and tumble dryers...

The armour is an experiment with a new base colour (called Screaming Bell of all things) and then copper and bronze layers followed by a flesh shade wash.

I have no idea how the little rat stays on the bell when it's being rung but hey ho he looks cute!

Only another 109 to go. To be honest I've only built 20 of the little blighters so I'll get those other 19 done and then start building the next batch.

He's 28mm so a little old 5 pts + the bonus round. Coolio. Thanks Ratabello!


  1. So cool. I love how you painted his menacing face. That mini-rat is either going to be flung off into the scrum or be very deaf and dizzy.

  2. Nice, love the metal colour, got to love nasty dirty skaven!
    Best Iain

  3. smashing stuff, I await the remaining 109 of his mates with trepidation!

  4. Lovely work! Good luck with his 109 mates!

  5. Great work on the rat man and rat. I'd say your test was a huge success!

  6. Now that's thinking out of the box, nice one!

  7. A very ratty musician for sure! I do like the colors for his armor and no doubt lice ridden clothing. I also like how you did the face and fur of the skagen too!