Sunday, February 4, 2018

'Music/Musician' from RayR: Dancing Duo

Col Bill does it again!!!
For me this was the easiest Bonus Round " Musician"
It was the only round I knew what I'd paint as soon as I read the list.
The figures are from Col Bill's Depot Battalion sold as "17th Century Musicians and Dancers"

 And can be bought here for £5!

These will be non combatants in my Donnybrook adventures.

They very nice sculpts and well worth every penny!
More please Col.


  1. What a great little vignette Ray. As you say, very useful for dressing-up the tabletop.

  2. Blooming 'eck, Ray! Which one of us actually works for Stu...You keep plugging his stuff like this and I'll be out of a job! lol ;)

    I believe there is to be some more musical, dancing, table-dressing figure types being sculpted. The sculptor was on the phone and sending email pictures to Stu when I was last in the office working, but I didn't get to see which period he was working on - an existing range or the new one, out later this year.

    Anyway, I thought you were trying to get Stu to release a dancing bear? :)

    Top stuff Ray

    1. I keep asking for some Nine Years War wagooneers and wounded plus more civvies of course!

    2. C17th century wounded, even if being loaded onto a wagon for movement (like there is with the Depot Battalion ACW pack) sounds like a cool idea.

      More Belt Fed Girls are to be released, so I hear. A 1980's Punk Rocker... Its bound to cause controversy!

  3. Nice musicians and dancer's!
    Best Iain

  4. Nicely done Ray, what a charming scene.

  5. Those dancers are great sculpts.

  6. Great little vignette Ray - I might have to get me one of those!

  7. You have really outdone yourself Ray!

  8. Nice work on this, Ray! I happen to have a tavern looking to replace a drunken pirate headliner and some highbrow patrons would lend an air of class to the establishment! ;)