Sunday, February 4, 2018

'Music/Musician' from EvanH: Goff Rockerz!

It was inevitable, really. My last two Theme Round entries had involved greenskins of one sort or another, so when the time came to choose a suitable group of models to paint up for the 'Music/Musician' Round, it had to be these guys.

Games Workshop's 'Goff Rockers', a trio of 28mm Orks dating back at least to WH40K 2nd edition, maybe even as far back as Rogue Trader, when Orks were a lot more fun and Citadel sculptors didn't take things too seriously. 

In tribute to those halcyon days, I've painted them up in a garish 'Oldhammer' colour scheme, layering up the skin to that vivid but now completely inappropriate Goblin Green. Key clothing is picked out in colours unfit for a baboon's bum, the metalwork is shiny, the eyes are red, and the figures have a satisfying weight to them. They're actual metal, and amazingly, they're still available from GW!

Basing is true to the original methods set down in the ancient scrolls; PVA glue, sand, watered-down PVA to seal, followed by a coat of dark grey drybrushed with a lighter grey for that ashen 'Deathworld terrain' look. 'Tufts'? What are these 'tufts' of which you speak? If you want grass, it's bright green sawdust or nothing!

So let's take a closer look at the lineup;

Lead Screamer and Rhythm Guitarist, Skag Nutjob. Once caused an entire squad of Noise Marines to go deaf and retreat from the battlefield. Has appeared on the cover of NME (Noise Maker Express) no fewer than six times.

On Lead Guitar (that's a guitar actually made of lead - it is heavy metal after all), here's the lovable scamp of the band, Throkk Mohok. He likes it loud and fast, and believes his red squig hide leather jacket confers additional speed to his riffs. So far, nobody has been able to prove him wrong.

Lastly, on Bass Guitar and vocals, Lord Barstud; the showiest, most glammiest Ork in music today. It is believed that he took some psychic damage during a battle with the Eldar. His squad won the day, but Barstud was left with an inexplicable desire to wear only the finest fabrics and the shiniest metalwork. Admittedly, as these tastes are filtered through the mind of an Ork, 'finest' usually equates to 'most garish', and the metalwork is heavily skewed towards wargear and ammo. And skullz. Lots of skullz.

So that's our merry band for this theme round - a bit old skool (not that there's anything wrong with that!), and a lot of fun to paint.

Until next time...



  1. Long ago, back in my clubbing days .... I’m pretty sure I saw this band 🙂

  2. So awesome. I can't believe these guys are actualy still available through GW - Amazing. Nonetheless, I think you may be pushing it with the elegant brown-edged bases. A classic 'Eavy Metal paint auditor may be on his way to straighten you out with a corrective pot of aged Goblin Green.

    1. Goblin Green is in extremely short supply - I have to save it for Olhammer greenskins, I can't daub it willy-nilly on round bases! Square bases only!

  3. Lovely entry for the nostalgia round, great fun!
    Best Iain

  4. Absolutely outstanding! I remember these from first time round standing on a custom battlewagon in an issue of WD if memory serves. Cracking job on the paint scheme.

  5. Jajaja Metallica in a medieval-fantasy environment

  6. These are fun minis and you’ve done a great job painting them up!

  7. Great work Ev- I'm sure I've seen these three haunting the back of our local guitar shop.

  8. Excellent band, Evan! I wasn't aware they were still available!( I have visions of a battle wagon with drums, fire, and a guitar stage!) ;)
    They are wonderful, but where is the mini goblin being tortured/maimed/killed? ;)

  9. haha these guys are great ! well done