Sunday, February 18, 2018

'Childhood' from MartinC: Race for Africa

When I first thought of this it seemed really cute and now it's really creepy. It will be post colonial guilt. This scene depicts the conquering of Africa in the 19th Century as a children's game.

The brave African boy is saving his sisters from the "evil" colonial Oppressor

The civilised Colonist is freeing the African family from a life with out trousers.

The figures are from Warlord - scout with catapult, defenders of the realm boxed set - and Northstar. All 3 are brilliant sculps and paint quite well. As usual the photography is shocking


  1. very nice Martin, great fun to combine the scout and the African children!

  2. Delightful figs, but as you say, there's a disturbing undercurrent there. Well done in capturing the emotional resonances, Martin, great work!

  3. Well done, Martin! Wonderful brushwork and nice stage dressing!
    I remember wanting to play a cowboy in cowboy and indians, but myself and the darker hued friends were always the Indians, even my Vietnamese buddy Ethan! ;) thankfully we grow out of that!

  4. Good post Martin, love the scout with the slingshot!