Sunday, February 18, 2018

'Childhood' from PaulS: Coooooobraaa!

When I was a kid, I loved my Action Force/GI Joe figures, but I never actually owned any of the basic Cobra infantry

Before Cobra started to have more specialized personnel, there were the Cobra Troopers. These men served as the basic infantrymen of Cobra. Each man swore absolute loyalty to Cobra Commander. While serving as the infantrymen of the organization, they are also cross-trained to be proficient in least two other support skills. The lot of what makes up the Trooper forces are mercenaries, criminals and people who are angry at the world who have taken up Cobra's offer of wealth and power.

The basic Cobra infantry slowly got replaced in the comics with the more armoured Vipers, but these guys are still an iconic part of a Cobra strike force.

In my rush to take the photo, I forgot to peel off the bottom layer of protective material from the bases, hence the brown layer... doh!


  1. Ah Paul, finally you reveal your true colours you minion of the Great Serpent! Great stuff!

    1. It was never really in any doubt. I always had more Cobra characters, especially the Dreadnoks

  2. A man of taste! They look great Paul

  3. Nice work on these baddies, now peel the stickers off!

  4. Wonderful work on these,Paul! They bring back a lot of great memories!

  5. I'm with Barks, here's to all those poor nameless souls wearing ill-fitting polyester and funny helmets.