Sunday, February 18, 2018

'Childhood' from TeemuL: Lunar Trooper

This is probably the toughest bonus round this year, it was really difficult to pick something to paint. I almost started a 1:72 scale model, but then I realized I couldn't assemble it (nor paint!) that in the given time. Finally I decided that my childhood entry would be similar model, which was the very first I bought and among the very firsts that I ever painted.

So let me present you a Lunar Trooper from Ral Partha. He is from Lunar Empire, Genertela continent, world of Glorantha from the games RuneQuest/HeroWars/HeroQuest.

Small model and quick to paint. I did put some extra attention to the cloak and gave a very soft blue wash on armored parts to pick up the sculpted details. I left him on the original base, because it is very unlikely he will see any gaming action.

The new in the middle, two very old on the flanks

Simple model, simple story to childhood (or to teenage) and simple 5 points.


  1. Is this the first Glorantha-themed entry of the Challenge? That takes me back! Well done Teemu!

  2. Very nice, kinda reminds me of old-school Flash Gordon comics.

  3. Very nicely done. I remember painting some of these for my then girlfriend's little brother back in the day.

    Richard C

  4. Nice trip down the Runequest memory lane Teemu. Well done.

  5. Top marks for Runequest reference, Teemu! Spiffy figure in the ol-Skool way too!

  6. Nice old school runquest figure!
    Best Iain

  7. Nice to see these venerable but well-loved figures getting some attention. Thanks Teemu!