Sunday, February 18, 2018

'Childhood' from SebastianR: Child with Crowbar

Leaping over the rooftops of Gotham, hero to child and manchild alike, it's Batman!

Ok seriously, this is the last time I'll make this joke. Well... maybe one more time. Jokes aside, maybe it's time to re-asses the grimdark nature of modern portrayals of the caped crusader,

In any case, here's my real submission, a small child with a crowbar.

As painting continued, I realised he looked a little bit like Donald Trump... I decided this wasn't entirely inapropriate.

For scale, here are two repainted dogs. I really wasn't happy with two from a previous submission, and I found the original manufacturers page (for those who were asking) along with a much better paint scheme.

Turns out one of them was supposed to be a German shepherd...
The above is for scale, I'm not sure if re-paints are worth points, if they are, I suppose this submission becomes a boy and his dogs?


  1. great fun miniature, although I can't understand why he's trying to whack the doggies...

  2. Nice animation to that mini, very nice brushwork on it too. Seems he is intent on protecting himself!

  3. Yes, Father, I shall become a bat.