Sunday, February 18, 2018

'Childhood' from StephenS: Zulu

This was such a fantastic theme round, I tossed around so many ideas. Originally, I went down the path of revisiting a model or game from my first forays into the hobby (when I was about 14). However, reflecting on it further, my passion for miniature gaming was probably first kindled much earlier. Growing over many lazy Sunday afternoons watching old war movies with my dad as a kid. It is these sort of iconic films, whether watched when released at the cinema or as a TV re-run, that so many of us try to recreate on the tabletops.

Without a doubt, a favourite of ours was the movie 'Zulu', I still remember my dad afterwards getting me a biography of Michael Cain's early years for me to read (this was the early 90's). I have never gamed the Anglo-Zulu wars, but here is my ode to that movie and old films from my childhood in general.

The figures are all 25-28 mm models from Warlords Games, the Zulus are plastic and our British heroes are metal. The barricade is a resin piece, also from Warlords (it fills half a 6 cm cube). The uniforms are painted as per stills from the film so blame them if I've gotten anything wrong ;)

Lieutenant Bromhead and Colour-Sergeant Bourne

It was a real blast to put together, so many great memories, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.




  1. "They've got some very good basses and baritones, but no top tenors, mind."

    Love that movie! Well done, Stephen!

  2. Nicely done Steve! A favourite of mine for multiple decades. I salute a fellow Brave!

  3. great entry, love the mealie bags!

  4. Great entry and awesome movie. I love the terrain here, top notch.

  5. Perfect! A great idea and could easily have been my childhood too. One of my favourite films that my father and I would watch together.

  6. Wonderful entry, Steve! The figures are top notch, but the mealie bags turned out great too!
    Plus the homage to Zulu!

  7. Superb! I'm oddly compelled by the mealie bag barricade.