Sunday, February 4, 2018

'Music/Musician' from GregB: Sound The Charge For God

28mm Crusading Knight from Perry Miniatures' First Crusade range - part of a command pack
In the last edition of the AHPC I tackled a project in a gaming era for which I had long held an interest but never quite had the courage to finally paint any figures for - the First Crusade. It was a modest start, but I finished a four-point warband for the game SAGA.  Another great example of the sort of jolt one can get from participating in the Painting Challenge!

The animation of the horse is great, and really adds to the sense that he is giving everything he has into sounding the "charge!"

Anyway, while accumulating all of those Knights, I of course picked up a command set, and the set had a musician.  When I saw this theme topic was part of the AHPC this year, I figure he would do just fine, and would be a nice addition to the other Crusaders I had already painted. So here is a Knight, sounding the "Charge!" in the Holy Land, for the Glory of God!

This is a 28mm sculpt from the Perry Twins' incredible First Crusade range. As is so often the case, the miniature was a beautiful casting and total fun to paint.  The shield markings are courtesy of the LBMS shield transfer range.  Although you can clearly see I had a bit of an issue fitting the decal properly, overall it's not too bad and he'll do fine.

Not a perfect execution on the shield decal, but it will do...
So, a break from all of that Cold War-era armour! I managed to sneak in the painting amid many rounds of olive green on all those Canadian tanks last week, so he could be ready to post while I was on the road. Always good to give the horse-painting side of my hobby brain a bit of a workout. Let's see where it leads next in what comes for the painting table...

I'm sure he will feel better once he has some Knights around him to follow his "charge!"
Thanks for looking!


  1. Terrific work dude! I really like the fawn coloured tail and mane on the charger.

  2. Lovely figure, horse is especially good!
    Best Iain

  3. Lovely work! The Perry’s make some great figures, and you’ve certainly done this one justice.

  4. I love that Perry Crusades line and you've done an excellent job on this horn blower.

  5. Nice brushwork on the crusader, Greg! From basing to the lines in the horn, he looks excellent! I'd just say the shield is well used and the squire is lacking in kit repair! ;)