Sunday, February 4, 2018

'Music/Musician' from SebastianR: Manchester Guard Piper

My submission for this special submission is... Batman?


It's this guy:

You might think that this is some sort of WWII Scottish piper in some funny colours, but you'd be wrong. Well... you'd also be right. The mini is a WWII piper, but painted in the colours of the Manchester Guard; the militia of post apocalyptic Manchester in the setting we constructed for the ruleset I developed for platoon level post apocalyptic combat.

You'll notice that the bagpipes have no tartan. This is partly because he isn't a Scottish piper (not that pre-fall polities have any meaning) but mostly because I'm lazy.

Here's the squad and officer he'll be piping for.

You can get more and better pictures by following the link above
So why bagpipes? Why not bagpipes? In my opinion they are the premier battlefield portable instrument, producing a cadence that is both uplifting and driving enough to make you want to plunge a bayonet into Johnny Foreigner for the vested interests of your ruling classes King and Country!

Artist: The Lions Rampant
Song: Caledonia


  1. Hear, hear for the vested interests of our ruling classes! Great work Sebastian.

  2. Nice work and interesting setting. You and Curt will be first against the wall when the Revolution comes.

  3. Nice work on the Piper! With that wild hair and lack of tartan he does have a mercenary/revolutionary look to him. I'd like to see more of this at future troops!