Sunday, February 22, 2015

'Comedic' by PeterD - 'Sam Slick'

Last theme round I showed up with the same figures as someone else, but I expect that there is little fear if that happening with this one.   I present Sam Slick, a comic figures from early Canadian literature.

The Yankee trader was a common theme for comedy in Colonial British North America, and still so today.  The prototypical example was Mr. Slick created by Thomas Chandler Haliburton of Windsor Nova Scotia, see the link to the Canadian Encyclopedia

Today Haliburton is not widely know, except for his part in the great "Birthplace of Hockey" debate, but he was very popular in his day.  With Slick he created a figure that pocked fun at Nova Scotians and Yankees alike, one who was too smart for his own food yet likeable.
I found the following video clip to give you a taste.

The figure is by Reaper and sold as Uncle Sam, and he was very nice to paint  I picked him up for last year's challenge possibly for an 1812 themed poet or possibly for the villain round.  Anyway, my family was so Loyalist that they moved North to Nova Scotia before the Revolution and there was no way I was painting up Uncle Sam out of the box.  However, it struck me that with a change of clothes and hair colour he'd make a damn find Sam a Slick.  There's some thing in the pose that just screams "Arrogant American Blowhard".