Sunday, February 8, 2015

'Hot' from PeterD - 'Nasty, Sticky, Flaming Goop'

For the hot round I have a set of 6 Andalusian Naffatah 'Fire troops' in 28mm using figures from the Perry Crusades range.  These are very nice figures and ones I had wanted for a while, so I was happy that the Hot round gave me a rationale for acquiring them.  They were painted with my normal artist acrylics with heavy use of washes.  They have been based simply on washers for now, but I will likely revisit the basing later.

Naft was the Arabic equivalent of Greek Fire, and was delivered by a number of different ways.  Four of these figures hurl ceramic grenades while two use hand held syphons or flame throwers if you will.  WAB classified these trops Naft is "Nasty, sticky, flaming goop" (NSFG) which I think sums things up nicely.  I have another set of 6 Naffatah using Gripping Beast figures but much prefer the Perry figures, or maybe it's my paint job is better on these ones.

I really enjoyed painting these guys, and they made a nice change from the more troublesome Hat figures that I had been working on earlier.  These is nice movement, especially in the dude with the staff sling.  I am also amused by the range of clothing that in which the manufacturers dress their Naffath.  Gripping Beast's are wrapped up with cloths across their faces, while two of the Perry figures and going topless and shoeless.  Personally if I was working with NSFG, I'd want to be covered up but in clothes that I could get out of quickly is the spam hit the fan.  The chainmail coif worn by one of the syphoners seems like a recipe for disaster to me!

Oh yes and in keeping with the NSFG theme, I would like to note that the figures were stuck to their bases using a Hot Glue Gun which I figure is the modern crafting equivalent of Nasty Sticky Flaming Goop!