Sunday, February 22, 2015

'Comedic' from JeremyM - 'Bowling Lebowski'

For this theme round I decided to carry on with some of my Big Lebowski figures. Last year I painted 'the dude' complete with his carpet that 'really tied the room together' for the humour round. 

This time I chose five characters I wanted to have milling around the bowling alley featured in the film. From left to right we have the cowboy narrator, the Valkyrie from the dude's dream sequence, 'the Jesus', Donnie, and Walter. I trimmed some coffee stick stirrers painted theme a shade of yellow and added a few lines. 

I made sure to have Walter's foot 'over the line' as I thought that might be fitting. All the mini's are 28mm and are from impact miniatures. They also included a sprue of extras like a bowling ball, bowling ball bag, a coffee can (was tempted to add this to donnie's base, but I thought it was but a bit too much foreshadowing), and some suitcases. 

The mini's will likely be used in a strange aeons scenario at some point, likely involving a cult of bowling ball worshippers or something equally silly. I have a few more that are nearing completion that I'll try and post in the near future as well to complete my Big Lebowski collection.