Sunday, February 8, 2015

'Hot' from RayR - 'Ml'ady's Bathtime'

Once again I hadn't a clue what to paint up for the bonus round. I searched through my lead pile and found this little item. Its from Col Bill's Depot Battalion range. Its a mere £4.50 and can be found here, if you're interested in buying one. Its a miniature of "Mi Ladies Bathtime". Why did I buy this? No one knows? How the hell I'm going to use this in a game, you may ask and the simple answer is...... I haven't a clue!

The pictures have came out pretty awful, I took at least 30 pics and these three were the best of a really bad bunch. The figures believe it or not look a lot better in real life and are not shiny at all.

As for the Hot......well she's not that Hot, just look at that moosh? She's a rather healthy lady though, with all the bits and bobs in the right places, and the water isn't that hot, its boiling!!!


  1. Nothing like a Hot bath on a cold nippy day. Nice find and nice painting. Great work on the wood floor base. cheers

  2. Good one Ray, that's really thinking outside the box. Milady looks a little like Winston Churchill to me for some reason.