Sunday, February 8, 2015

'Hot' from ScottB - 'Tauriel'

My Entry for the Hot Bonus Theme Round, is Tauriel, from GWs The Hobbit range of Miniatures.

Here I am laterally thinking 'Hot' as in 'Hot babe'... ;-)

She's certainly not in quite the same mold as Xena, but she certainly has a certain charm about her despite staying covered up and not revealing acres of flesh!

Plus she's somewhat more dashing than Arwen ever was in the LOTR (despite her standing up to the Ringwraiths at the Ford of Bruinen)...

A lot of folks seemed to dislike her inclusion in the movie, cos she wasn't in the books... But I like her inclusion and plot line she weaves with Legolas and Kili... It makes the tale a little more  interesting than just 13 dwarves trudging across the landscape... and besides most female viewers who aren't Tolkien-nuts need some love interest in any movie to keep them interested!

So I say Yay for Tauriel, woohoo!

She's a 28mm scale figure from GW and is a multi-part plastic kit. Easy to assemble and no "Failcast" issues...

I didn't like the example painting from the GW 'eavy metal team so looked more closely at the images from the movie and tried to better match the dark maroon pants and brown boots. I also wanted to try and better define the face and eyes a bit if I could.

I included the rear and side shots as I was unsure of the rear knife scabbard thing when I painted it, so wanted to show how I decided to do it in the end, as another kinda quick release knife/dagger available.

I did find the sculpted face a tiny bit too round and the actress Evangeline has the typical high cheekbones and narrow angular face as an elf should, so I tried I bit of shading on the models cheeks to try and hide them a bit. It was the best I could manage...

I also decided to try a different flock style than the usual static grass, thinking that the WS scatter turf material would look better in the dark mossy undergrowth in Mirkwood...

Hope you like it :)


  1. I do like it. Great job on this hottie from film. The base is very nicely sculpted to help this hot one stand out. Nice choice of mossy looking stuff. Top job. cheers

  2. Excellent work, Scott !
    You're right, her face is slightly too round at the chin but you brought out the very best of the figure.

  3. Yes she's hot, but in a perfectly safe way for a kids film :-).
    Good stuff

  4. Oh yes, that fits! Fabulous job Scott.

  5. oh , very nice job Scott. Really smooth..

  6. Wonderful paint job. Nice muted tones. I especially like the fly agaric on the tree stump. (I managed to sneak one onto the Golden fleece stump in the last round just for a splash of colour).

    Pip pip

  7. Lovely brushwork Scott. The depth and shade of the hair colour is spot on.

  8. Looks great and I think your work around the eyes is excellent


  9. Nice job Scott. It isn't the best face sculpt in the world but you've done well with it.