Sunday, February 22, 2015

'Comedic' from RayR - 'Pub Donnybrook'

Setting the scene....
Welcome to Ye Old White Hart, a quaint old English pub circa 1685, just outside of Norton St Philips, during the Monmouth Rebellion.

Curt and Sarah Campbell the proprietors of this most English of Public Houses. And their moggy Millsy...

Privates Dave Docherty and Alan Dearn have nipped out of camp, to the local village pub, for a few swift halves and a bit of tickle with the local lasses.

But they obviously haven't noticed a rather stern looking Sgt Willey eyeing their disgraceful behaviour! Not only boozing but fraternizing with the locals??  Mayor Scott Bowman also looks on disgusted by dirty the goings on, and wishing that was him with that dirty girl Daisy on his shoulder. Millsy manages to get in the pic as well!

And talking of dirty goings on, look at those two on the floor, fighting it out, pulling each others hair and sticking fingers up each others noses. Even though she's on the bottom Tamsin seems to getting the better of that bad Irish lass Anne, who pinched her drop of Farmer Awdry's Best Ale.

But you've gotta feel sorry for Private Docherty, he's thinks he's off for some fun and frolics with Daisy, she's not best pleased by the look of things, but nor will he when he finds out that Daisy is infact the local rebel leader Clint Burnett in disguise!!!
The figures are a mixture of Dixon, Parkfield, Col Bill's Depot Battalion and a few others I can't remember??? I've gone for the practical approach for this entry, Instead of my usual long winded painting style, I thought I'd try something a bit more simple otherwise I'd never get the damn things started let alone finish them.
I block painted them and slapped on some ink....easy!


  1. Knobbled I was !

    Brilliant stuff Ray!

  2. Shameful behavior by you unruly lot! Floggings all round! Right, where did that Daisy get to... ;-)

    Great stuff Ray :)

    1. You're still after Daisy, even though he's revealed that she is actually Clint in disguise? ;)

  3. Shameful behavior by you unruly lot! Floggings all round! Right, where did that Daisy get to... ;-)

    Great stuff Ray :)

  4. I've gone drinking at Campbell's house - this is how the locals normally behave!

  5. A very characterful piece Ray. Lovely write-up too :)

  6. This is truly a nice tribute to the Challenge and all those stalwart bruisers taking part in it! Your "new" painting style is also quite pleasing to the eye Ray.

  7. That made me chuckle, well done Ray.

  8. Very, very funny Rousell. I love this entry!

    Now, I'm not saying I could take Tamsin now that I'm old. But when I was in my late teens and early twenties I was a tournament fighter. Most of the time I got disqualified for "excessive contact". I have a bad temper :0)

  9. As Farmer Awdry and I were drinking that fine Cornish ale Doombar on Saturday, this scene is most appropriate.Very nicely done Ray.

    Pip Pip

  10. Most entertaining sir, nicely done :D