Sunday, February 8, 2015

'Hot' from AdamC - 'Sappers of the Legion Etrangere'

When I saw one of the bonus themes was "Hot"  I knew I had a Flames of War Blister that would be prefect.  Let me introduce the Sappers of the Légion étrangère .  The Legion has a reputation as tough guys (to say the least) and the Sappers are the toughest of the tough.

Beards are one of the privileges of the Sappers other french soldiers are supposed to be clean shaven on parade but a beard is part of Sapper's uniform. I like the officer but he doesn't really fit with the rest of the force.  He looks like his work party has just been surprised while the rest are rushing into the action.

As you can see these guys are all running for the "hottest" part of the action. 

I used sand to flock the bases as these guys are most appropriate to the North African and middle eastern campaigns of the Second World War. The climate also dovetails nicely with our theme

Glued bits of cork board to bases before putting on the sand to give it more texture so that it looks like spots were sand has gather around rocks or old structures or old defensive works.

The Khaki French tropical uniforms are similar in color if not in cut to the uniforms of the Legion in World War I and between the wars so They could work in those games as well.  All the troops are rifle or Ax armed so no World War II light MGs to pretend aren't there.

The Legion's Sappers always get the toughest in the toughest fights (if its easy why send the Legion?)  They fight in hot climates and face the hottest fire the enemy can dish out making the a fitting subject for the entry. Miniatures are 15mm and there are 20 in all 3 per base and a two man command stand.