Sunday, February 8, 2015

'Hot' from TeemuL - 'Fire Elemantal'

Hot round was one of the most obvious ones for me, I immediately knew what figure I would paint. This is a Fire Elemental from Ral Partha, 1990. It was quite difficult to tell, if some parts were flash or parts of flame, but it looks ok. My idea was to paint it look like in fire (surprise, eh?), with one flame being the elemental and the other the sword. I think I managed to do some (more or less intentional) blending. And for some reason he looks better in photos than in real life...

The only thing hotter than this, would mean that he'd need to be she...

I have no idea what use I will make of him, may be I need to play some fantasy RPGs again. :)


  1. It's great when you have an idea what to paint early on. This is one hot flamey beast. Very nice. cheers

  2. He looks great Teemu! Great interpretation.

  3. Thank you all! Now that I look the pictures again, the dark red areas look quite pinkish... Maybe it's some technical photographic thing. :)